Jewelry Know-How: The Making of a Diamond Ring

Diamond ring

Diamond rings have been around for a long time. They have been held dear and valuable to those who wear them and are sought after by many people. You also see it used as gifts, as a promise to love someone forever. But have you ever thought about what goes into the making of such a precious piece of jewelry? If you’re curious, here’s a quick summary of how most diamond rings are made by trusted and reputable Utah jeweler:


The first thing jewelry makers do before cutting the diamond is to make the band. This will serve as the base and foundation of where the jewel will rest, so it’s important to make it strong and beautiful. It’s made by using a bending machine to move the metal bar to fit a wearer’s finger. Afterwards, it is closed and seal it by soldering.


The claws are made carefully to fit the shape and size of the diamond. These claws are places on to the band to keep the diamond held steadily in place.


Once the claws have been attached, the stone will be mounted into the claws.

Polish and File

Once everything has been set into place and the claws are latching onto the diamond properly, the band can start being filed down then the claws can be filed as well. After everything is properly smoothed out, a finishing touch of polish will be added to give it a more luxurious and clean look.

Finished Product

Once all the steps about have been complete, the result will be a beautiful diamond ring fit for a lovely lady. Keep in mind that these steps are for a diamond that has already been cut into a shape, though.

Knowing the process of making such a fine item of jewelry can help you appreciate it even more. Rings are made with precision and care, so they’re a gift worthy of getting praise and admiration.