Kitchen Facelift Within a Budget is Possible

Kitchen Makeover

It is the unfortunate truth: Kitchen remodeling projects are expensive. The national average cost for minor renovations is already $18,500 while overhauling the kitchen totally can cost you at least $54,000. Understandably, transforming the kitchen requires numerous considerations: countertops, sinks, paint, cabinets, and the floor.

Initially, remodeling your kitchen seems like a threat to your wallet. Whether it is a major project or a minor facelift, however, when you organize your priorities, staying on a budget need not be impossible.

Boundaries Always Exists

It pays to know your limits when it comes to renovations. If you wish to save money, do not make major structural changes. For example, stop yourself from adding new structures to the kitchen or connecting it with an adjoining room.

Serenity Kitchen and Bath, a remodeling firm, recommends setting aside plans of moving the sink, gas range, or even the door. This prevents you from spending too much on additional electrical and plumbing work.

The Thing about Countertops

Going all out on your kitchen countertops is THE dream — but you might want to think about it again.

Countertops come in different options: granite, quartz, and concrete. But if you are on a budget, laminate and tile transforms your kitchen minus the costs. Tiles are available in different shades, which give you the chance to be creative with accents, patterns, and trims.

Laminate is also a good alternative for stone and granite. Apart from its pleasant appearance, it also comes in natural hues and is scratch and chip-resistant.

Do Not Go Crazy with Cabinets

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, cabinets make up for a third to a half of typical kitchen remodeling budgets. When you install new cabinets, you should also consider new flooring.

If you are looking to trim cabinet costs, choose standard over custom cabinetry. You can also combine these two for the best results. Other ways you can cut costs include blind-corner cabinets, cabinets minus the rim molding, and single-height wall cabinets.

Transforming your kitchen within the budget is a challenge, but not impossible. With the right strategy, you give your kitchen a new look without hurting your wallet.