Major Causes of Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that can cripple a person when exposed to various social settings. These individuals often have a fear of ridicule, especially when attending social gatherings.

Although they might understand that their fears are irrational, they still get feelings of powerlessness to subdue these emotions. This affects their ability to create close relationships with other people.

Encouraging our loved ones to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Westport, Connecticut, can help them cope with their condition and live a normal and healthy social life.

But in order to help them further, we also have to understand the probable causes behind the condition. Here are a few of the reasons people develop social phobia.


One of the possible causes of this condition is their genes. If it appears to run in families, then genetic links may play an essential role in developing such a disorder.

Environmental Factors

People could also develop anxiety disorders at a young age due to various social and environmental factors. Certain types of disorders might stem from being raised in an overprotective or controlling environment.


Another factor that can affect a person’s tendency to develop social anxiety disorder is through their experiences. People who experienced bullying during their cognitive years might develop an anxiety disorder. These negative experiences can affect how a person sees themselves.

These are just a few of the factors that may have affected your loved ones to develop an anxiety disorder. It’s essential to keep an open mind about their situation and support them in any way. Showing your love and support, especially during these trying times, can help them with their recovery.