Making IDs Safer and More Secure

Black ID

These days, individuality and commerce have combined to make name tags and badges essential in daily life. People use name badges or tags for different reasons and occasions. The type, size, and quality will depend on the nature of the event. When deciding on what tag, band or name badge to buy for your activities in New Zealand, make sure to check the following:

1. Information

Ensure that the company processes the badges correctly and have the appropriate job titles. Inaccurate information will cost you more time and money than you originally intended.

Make sure that these include emergency numbers, contact person and even medication for emergency situations.

2. Material

When you are ordering custom-made tags for your employees, consider the fact that the employees will need to wear the badges daily. Make sure that the manufacturer uses durable and high-quality materials. This would ensure that the name badge could withstand everyday wear and tear.

3. Technology

Ask the ID manufacturer if they could incorporate biometrics or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging in their name badges or cards. These could improve security and safety in your organisation’s event or facility.

4. Size, Layout and Design

Badges, name tags, and Identification cards should be of a reasonable size, and with a design that is functional but attractive. The names and titles should use colours and fonts that are easy to read and identifiable. The ID picture should be visible so everyone could see it quickly.

Choose an ID manufacturer who could make your name badges or IDs with these qualities. The more that you have these in your tags, badges, and cards, the more you enhance the security and safety of the people in your organisation.