Microwave Issues: Know When to Leave It to the Experts

Repair Man Fixing a Microwave

There are many appliances in modern kitchens. While some are luxuries, there are others you cannot live without. Among the key machines that will affect the functioning of your kitchen should it break down is the microwave.

While there exist various DIY repair solutions online for various microwave issues, most will cause irreparable harm to your microwave. There are some issues that should only be handled by an appliance repair expert in Salt Lake City. Here are some issues you should not attempt to fix using a DIY guide.

Dim or Non-Lighting Bulbs

A microwave’s lamp enhances the visibility of your food in the oven so that you know when it is done. There are times, however, that this bulb might be dim or not light up altogether. In most instances, an issue with your microwave bulb stems from an error in the control board or bad wiring. The lamp is located near your microwave’s capacitor, and in most cases, this gets damaged when trying to get to the lamp.

Non-Heating Microwaves

In some cases, your microwave light might be on, but then it is not heating. The primary cause of this issue is a magnetron failure typically resulting from a faulty diode. A defective capacitor, which often results from DIY repairs, can also cause non-heating of your microwave.

Microwaves Shutting Off in Between Operation

There are instances in which your microwave shuts off when heating after running for a few seconds. This typically results from faulty door switches. Defective capacitors, transformers, touchpads and fan motors will also cause this issue. Only an expert evaluation will correctly diagnose the cause of your microwave’s shutdown between operations.

The above issues might seem straightforward to solve with a simple replacement of faulty parts. But this is very far from the case. An appliance repair expert is best placed to diagnose any issue with your microwave and advise you on whether replacement or repair is the cost-efficient solution.