Newborn Photography: Getting That Perfect Shot

A sleeping newborn baby

There are only a few things in life that could be as rewarding as taking that perfect shot of your newborn. It isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds, but it’s manageable with the right approach. Below are some simple guidelines you could follow when trying to catch that perfect snap of your little one:

Not All Lighting Is Equal

Take pictures during daytime for clear shots and make the most of natural light, so your baby’s skin will have that soft-focus look. Don’t take pictures directly under the sun to avoid shadows and of course, sunburn. Consider using an external flash and a diffuser (if you have one) for filling in darker spots.

Just Click Away

Babies, especially newborns, are unpredictable so expect hungry cries and diaper changes. Keep clicking instead of waiting for a perfect moment because you’ll no doubt get “the shot” after 30 to 40 consecutive snaps.

The Simpler the Background the Better

The simplest shots are often the best ones. You don’t need an overly bright or cluttered background. Get a neutral-toned blanket or cloth, place your baby on top, with or sans clothes, along with some toys or books and click away.

Color ISN’T Everything

Nothing could be more timeless and classic than black and white photos, especially with newborn photography, says JayLynn Photography Studio and other renowned family photographers in Utah. When going for black and white, however, you want to get that blurred and soft background so go for a large aperture.

Make Memories

Shoot your baby while sleeping or awake, trying to grasp your finger or a toy for the first time, yawning, feeding, or playing with family. Siblings, in particular, could add more interest and warmth to your shots.

Newborn babies are perfect for creating treasured and beautiful photos even if they’re difficult to shoot. Choose the right lighting, background, equipment, and take shot after shot and you’ll eventually get that perfect image.