Online Options for a Masteral Degree: Is it More Affordable and Flexible for Graduate Students?

Exploring online options for a masteral degree

Continuing education and graduate studies are known to be proven ways to get ahead in the corporate world. Studying in graduate school for an MBA, however, takes a grueling two years or even more.

Nowadays, the competition in climbing the corporate ladder is getting tougher, as more people are taking up masteral degrees. The growing number of online masteral courses in the Philippines may be the reason behind that. Instead of being physically present in class, graduate school is more accessible for professionals who want to continue their education.

Masteral Programs

Corporate employees who want to take masteral courses usually go for an MBA. An MBA, depending on the program, usually takes two (the shortest) to five years of studies. These include classroom sessions, laboratories, and a thesis. Other popular masteral programs include Public Administration and Education. Employees of public offices or local government units take Masters of Public Administration to qualify for promotions.

Teachers and educators take up graduate courses also for career development. These courses are part of the prescribed career track government employees and educators. MBA students usually come from a more diverse background. It is no wonder that there is also a wider range of colleges and universities with MBA offerings. These include traditional universities, business schools, and online programs.

Advantages of Online Course

Online courses have become popular due to the accessibility brought by the Internet. Online courses don’t have fixed schedules, which gives students the flexibility in choosing when to do the classwork.

Instructors are also more accessible online. In addition, all communication (including coursework) is documented. Students can use Skype or a chat and voice client, e-mail, and forums in discussions with classmates. These serve as self-documenting communications and can be reviewed at any time.

For many students, the biggest advantage of an online course is the cost of tuition. Enrolling in a traditional classroom education can be expensive. Without other associated costs, students can have substantial financial savings with online courses. There’s no need to commute to class, so the student does not need to be absent from work.

There are advantages to attending online classes for masteral programs. The matriculation and other costs are more affordable. More importantly, there is flexibility in scheduling the coursework and plenty of ways to communicate with the class and the instructor.