Outdoor Playgrounds are Also a Teaching Tool

Outdoor Playgrounds

Children are full of energy and like to play a lot. They want to jump, hide, swing, run, skip and generally have a lot of fun. The outdoors is best suited for this kind of vigorous activity. They also get fresh air when they are out which is good for their health and physical wellbeing.

The quality of the playground and the equipment installed is important from the safety aspect, especially in areas where small children enjoy. Playgrounds must be secure as children may injure themselves otherwise. Adequate adult supervision is also necessary.

The Benefits of Outdoor Activities

1. Encourage all forms of games. This kind of outdoor activity is essential for the development of children. They can learn in playgrounds as inside a classroom; sometimes they even learn more there, especially interpersonal relationships.

2. Playgrounds ensure that they do not become sedentary. Children nowadays spend a lot of time watching TV and playing computer and video games. They do not interact with other children well and tend to lack social skills. It also tends to make children overweight.

3. Vigorous activities where kids play with each other makes them develop small and large motor skills and give them a thorough workout. They also develop cardiovascular endurance and strength, even improve their immune functions. This addresses the problems of growing obesity in most urban children today.

4. Moduplay also discusses that playgrounds advances the mental faculties of the child. Playgrounds do not only feature equipment for physical activity, but also for their problem-solving skills.

Besides the above, these activities teach the children a number of things about people and the world we live in. They learn teamwork and sportsmanship, qualities that teachers cannot teach in a classroom. It is good for children to have a nice time for a couple of hours every day in the fresh air.

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