The Landscape of Luxury Real Estate Market

March 19, 2015

Billionaires have been on a real estate buying spree. World luxury real estate markets have intensified significantly over the last seven years, a phenomenon that ultimately led to an impressive doubling of property values in Read More

When Disaster Strikes: A Cheat Sheet

March 4, 2015

Just like a girl’s mood, a disaster is completely unpredictable; you never know when it would exactly strike. The more unpredictable thing, however, is how much damage it could bring you and your family. Though Read More

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

February 25, 2015

How should your office look and feel? Well, an office projects an image that people are busy, therefore your office furniture should be one that helps you become productive and efficient. Aside from your staff, Read More

The Benefits of Keeping Hope Alive

February 23, 2015

It is easy to lose focus and hope when you are overwhelmed with problems. It is highly likely that you have entertained the idea of giving up or suddenly find yourself blaming God for the Read More

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