Playtime in School: Developing Students in Several Ways

When you think of playgrounds, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the image of children running all over the place, laughing and playing. All you see are children having fun. But, there is more to that than meets the eye.

Not only are they having the time of their lives, but they are also learning and honing different skills. In a span of half an hour to a full hour, children can learn many things at the playground. This is why most primary schools in Dubai have a playground to promote outdoor play at certain times of the day. The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai shares a list of things that children develop when schools promote outdoor play.

Self-control and Problem Solving Skills

Children are known to have very little self-control. Here, they will learn that they have to play within certain boundaries. At playgrounds, they also face situations that encourage them to think critically and find solutions on their own.

Physical Activity

Playing outside also has health benefits. This keeps them in good shape, builds strong bones, and burns off extra energy and calories.

Social and Emotional Skills

Children love playtime mainly because this de-stresses them from the limited freedom they have in classrooms. Plus, here, they are given the chance to mingle with their friends and even make new ones.

The playground, apart from the classroom, is one of the places where children interact with others, expand their social circle and gain relationship-building skills that they will carry into adulthood.

Here, they are also free to express their emotions by using their imagination and pretend play. They may develop humour, spontaneity, emotional strength and stability.

Playgrounds can be the children’s classroom outside of the actual one. This promotes camaraderie and hones certain aspects of their lives that are useful even when they grow up. A scratch on their knee or a small gash on their arm means nothing if they have enjoyed their time spent with their peers.