Powder Coating vs. Anodizing to Protect Your Aluminum Fence

Beautiful fence

Lightweight and versatile – these are the key qualities of aluminum commercial fences that make them the sensible choice. Durability and corrosion resistance are admirable qualities as well. Ensuring the material stays true to its function for the intended lifespan is possible with current technology.

It does not take much expense to customize the look of an aluminum fence, and you can have a protective structure around the perimeter that looks attractive as well. When you want to protect a metal surface, you can commission powder coating, or opt for anodizing.

How can these procedures help in maintaining the fence in optimal condition for many years to come?

Powder coating

Exterior aluminum applications can benefit from a protective layer or coating. Powder coating provides ample protection to a metal surface without the high environmental cost of traditional paints. Modern powder coating technology allows for a wide range of color options.

Over time, the protective layer succumbs to wear and tear, and to the effects of oxidation, moisture, and direct sunlight. You must ask about the resin used, the pigmentation, and the pre-treatment processes involved.

These parameters determine the performance of the powder coating you will choose for the fence. Experts advise on factory applied organic coatings for aluminum fencing for best results.


Aluminum oxide is weather resistant and durable. About 75 years ago, the first anodizing procedure was developed, allowing for materials made from aluminum to have a protective coating of aluminum oxide. Since the coating grows from the metal itself, there is no risk for eventual flaking or peeling.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that can render coatings of different thicknesses to the base metal. The thicker coating offers better and longer protection. The anodic coating itself may be rendered with different colored dyes for variety in tone and appearance.

Protecting a metal fence with a resilient and durable coating allows it to function optimally throughout its lifetime. Choose wisely between powder coating and anodizing.