Self-Care Is Not Necessarily Expensive

Woman writing on a notebook

Everyone cares for themselves differently. Some people pull all the stops when it comes to keeping their mind and body healthy, and there’s no problem when they have a lifestyle that can support this. Others go for the bare minimum, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. However, you shouldn’t think self-care is directly proportional to expenses.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still practice self-care in the following ways:

Treat Yourself

It doesn’t have to be something unhealthy, and it doesn’t have to be often. Sticking to a routine schedule with your hygienist or going for laser hair removal in Draper may already do your confidence a lot of good. The same goes for treating yourself to a hair treatment or a hairstyle change to boost your self-esteem. There’s also the occasional splurge on items that have a long-term use, such as classic wardrobe pieces.

Disconnect from the Online World

Everyone you know is already online in one way or another. The walls you’ve secured in the real world may feel pointless when they all clog up your phone’s notifications. You don’t have to respond to them if you don’t feel like it; consider it a form of self-care to disconnect from the clutter they bring into your life. You can mute specific notifications or better yet, have one to two hours per day that you leave your phone at home while you go on a run to hang out with friends. Being disconnected from the internet doesn’t mean being isolated; it simply means appropriating your attention to people who truly deserve them. It may also help influence your identity.


Reflecting on your day is a good way to assess your feelings about it. If there was something that made you feel sad or frustrated, you could learn how to cope better when a similar situation arises. It also helps you look for the good things in a seemingly bad day. You may also track your expenses so that you will feel productive even during your downtime.

Do things that make you feel good about yourself and improve your focus and productivity. Even without copious amounts of money involved, you can care for yourself.