Simple Ways to Secure Your Home From Unwanted Intrusions

burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the house

Protecting your home from burglary does not have to cost you a fortune. Through good habits and smart thinking, you can fortify your property against burglars and achieve peace of mind even when you are at work or on vacation.

One of the most crucial parts of home protection is securing the windows because thieves usually enter through them or the doors. This is why investing in security windows here in Sydney can be an effective method for keeping intruders out.

Here are the simple ways you can increase the security of your home.

Reinforce your glass windows

There are many ways to reinforce your glass windows at home. You can install additional locks, as well as an impact resistant glass to make it harder for burglars to enter. Tempered glass is more durable compared to traditional glass panes, so they are much harder to break.

While it is more expensive than traditional glass, tempered glass remains an excellent choice for homeowners who want more protection for their property. Laminated glass is another great option that will help protect your home against break-in attempts.

This type of glass can withstand several blows so even before burglars succeed in breaking the window, it will alert law enforcement and neighbours.

Secure your garage

Many homeowners fail to realise the importance of securing their garage doors against burglars because they think that a break-in through the garage is unlikely.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking garage door security, as this can be a way in for burglars who can easily close the garage door and break into your home without anyone seeing them.

Here are some methods to secure your garage:

  • Avoid leaving your garage door opener inside parked cars
  • Use a sensor to alert you when your garage door has been opened
  • Install a deadbolt on the door separating your house from the garage to prevent burglars from moving further inside the property

Make your property look busy

Before leaving the house, you want to make it look like it is occupied so burglars will think twice about breaking into your property. To do this, you must have lights throughout the house that are operated by timers. This gives the idea that there are people inside the home at different points of the property.

Producing noise is another great way to make criminals believe that there is someone at home. Leaving a radio or television on at a moderate volume can get the job done.