Staircases are a Contemporary Design Point for Modern Homes

Nice home interior

In today’s environment, most homes take staircases for granted. These are vital parts of a multi-storey home, and yet you put little effort into making them stand out. Staircase experts like Ackworth House recommend the use of innovative stairs for the modern home.

These ideas play on matching the stairs with the house’s overall theme or colour motif.


There are only so many things that you can do with the staircases. There is the colour, material, the bars and the steps. These various elements can make a staircase unique among other stairs. For some, the most noticeable aspect is the handrail.

It is something that the user, owner, visitor or houseguest would be able to relate to. A person cannot avoid touching the handrail. This gives it a tactile feeling or memory of the stairs. This makes the stairs a personal experience for everyone who uses it.

Wooden handrails are warm to the touch compared to metal. It also feels organic. People have an affinity for the wood and holding on to it is a sensual experience. Wooden handrails have a natural curve that is elegant and beautiful.


The home is a reflection of the owner’s personality. This is evident in every part of the house, notably the staircase. Clean lines define the stairs. It is not just a path allowing people to go up or down; it is also a continuity between the different floors. It connects the levels in a fluid manner.

The modern design emphasises the invisibility or transparency of some parts of the stairs, specifically the outer railing. With glass railings or even a wall separating the staircase from the rest of the room, there are glass or laminated plastic options.

The home is a wonderful place to let your personality free. Designing the staircase with that in mind is something that interior designers and architects often do. The stairs offer an opportunity to show off clean lines and converging viewpoints. It tells a story about the owner.