Style Secrets: 3 Habits All Fashionable Women Share

Woman shopping for clothes

It’s one thing to look stylish; it’s another to live stylishly. The latter embraces fashion as a lifestyle, not just as a show or a spectacle. More than the material pieces to wear, a fashion-centric lifestyle is about habits formed through the years, becoming a default reflex and making sartorial flair a second nature. Here are the fashionable habits of stylish women:

1. They know well their bodies

Women who accept their bodies for what they are the most stylish women. This is because they have a deep understanding of their individuality, enabling them to express it when dressing up.

Before exploring styles, embrace your body’s assets and imperfections. Know your body shape. Be aware of your best features. Love your curves, bumps, marks, and scars. This way, you will know which clothes will look best on you and would give you the style that reflects your personality.

The good thing about fashion today is that there have been improvements in the last years in terms of reflecting body positivity in clothes. Plus-size fashion is on the rise, for instance. Verona Couture noted that curvy women can try ladies plus size tops and at the same time, be represented on fashion events.

2. They fill their wardrobe with the essentials

Stylish women know that fashion trends come and go. This is the reason they invest more on style staples, depending on their tastes. For the elegant chic, pencil skirts, polo shirts, and blazers are common sights in their closets. For the less feminine, rugged style, ripped jeans and denim-washed shirts are the staples.

Start knowing your style and from there, invest in style essentials. This way, regardless of the season or the fashion trends, you’ll have decent and timeless outfits to flaunt. On days when it’s difficult to pick an outfit, your staples will be your go-to ensemble.

3. They choose the right-fitting pieces

Sure, those cargo pants look good on that mannequin, but fashionable women make sure they fit right before buying them. This is a principle ladies of all sizes should follow. There’s nothing good in skinny jeans that constrict your thighs or don’t firm up your bum. Even when buying particularly loose or tight clothing, there’s still that “just-right” fit that would avoid you looking like you’re drowning your frame or the buttons popping any minute. It would be good to have a seamstress on the dial always.

These routines, more than the material things, groom the stylish woman. Perhaps it’s time to cop not just the look, but such habits.