Teeth Whitening at Home: Potential Dangers

Old couple with white teeth

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments worldwide is teeth whitening. Due to the high demand for techniques of teeth whitening in Birmingham, many cheap alternatives became available in the market – alternatives we must be careful with, as they could potentially cause the following problems, especially in individuals with compromised oral hygiene.

Gum Damage

Most at-home teeth whitening kits contain immensely potent hydrogen peroxide that can cause your gums to recede, sometimes irreversibly. They can also cause burning of the soft tissue and increase sensitivity. Severe gum recession could then completely expose the gums and eventually result in tooth loss.

Enamel Damage

Some at-home teeth whitening kits can deliver results in mere minutes, but frequent and improper use can cause irreparable enamel damage over time. The reason: these usually contain chlorine dioxide, an acid for cleaning swimming pools. While it can whiten stains, it also strips your enamel, exposing your teeth to plenty of other things that could easily damage them.

Chemical Burns and Oral Infections

Most of these kits also require mouth guards to help prevent spillage of the whitening agent. Getting a perfect fit may be difficult, though, because people have different bites and teeth formation. An imperfect fit could then lead to the whitening agent leaking out of the guard and onto your mouth, causing chemical burns and leaving you susceptible to oral infections.

Actual, Physical Sickness

Accidentally ingesting these chemicals can also make you sick. Swallowing a significant amount of the substances can lead to burns in your throat, stomach and gut.

Fortunately for you, you have options. Dentists offer a wide array of professional teeth whitening techniques. They make use of a mouth guard that they customise to fit your oral cavity, and with your dentist’s supervision, you can avoid potential side effects. Laser teeth whitening is also available if you’re looking for faster results. You have many other options; all you have to do is choose one that would fit your needs and budget while keeping your mouth safe.