The 3 Cardinal Sins of Designing Commercial Interiors

Office Design Mistakes

You are excited about your new office, and you want it to be the best you can afford. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still get the job done if you plan it carefully. Still, you need to know that commercial interiors are not the same as home interiors. You cannot just go into a store and pick out what takes your fancy.

According to The Caretakers, here are some common mistakes that many people make when setting up their office space in Perth that you should avoid.

No Design

Commercial interiors need to look cohesive, and for that, you need a design. Office designs do not aim just to make commercial interiors pretty, although that is a bonus. Good commercial interior designs should make your office more productive and efficient. It would be worth your time and money to get a professional to plan your office space. A good designer should ask details about what you do as well as the workflow before making a design.

No Flexibility

The best-looking office furniture is not always the best. Before deciding on buying cool-looking desks and chairs, check if they allow for flexibility. Your employees’ workspace should be comfortable and ergonomic. Choose products that are adjustable; your employees are of different sizes and shapes, after all. Portability is also a good thing to have when it comes to workstations.

No Collaboration

Today’s workspace is all about getting together as a team. Your office can be more productive if there are no offices, especially if the space is small. Instead, have low-lying partitions where everyone can see everyone else. Commercial fitouts are a good way to get everyone working seamlessly together in a small space. You can also save money on refurbished office furniture, but make sure that they are of high quality from a reputable supplier.

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