The Different Means Technology Can Encourage Your MAP Policy

Strategy Concepts

You are most probably advertising the products of your company in plenty of places that you cannot regularly trace everything. This is why you need to understand how to efficiently utilize technology to observe the presence of your brand throughout the Internet.

You also have to impose MAP policy monitoring and maintain your relationships with your resellers. Here are the different ways tactical-minded and forward-thinking brands are taking advantage of technology solutions to help their business:

An automated MAP monitoring system can continuously search the whole Internet to monitor how your items are being promoted

The time you devote to a monitoring project doesn’t matter. This is because you most likely are unable to economically integrate a manual MAP policing tactic that will discover all violations. By using an automated MAP monitoring solution, all you need to do is to upload some product details. This includes identifying codes, like UPCs, serial numbers, ASINs or SKUs that you’ve allocated for each product.

Afterward, the system will regularly start scouring the Internet to search for all occurrences of these items being sold. This system will then assess every advertised rate against your MAP policy and instantly notify you if it finds any violation.

An automated MAP platform can essentially assist you to grow and support your brand

As you are well aware, in-house, manual MAP program is resource-intensive and time-consuming. You have to dedicate all efforts to search for violations and decide on how you will address the offending resellers.

Using an automated MAP program doesn’t have to be a defensive process, as long as you know how to manage it efficiently. It can even denote a great prospect to expand your company. Through the deployment of an automated platform and turning raw information into intelligent accounts, you’ll be able to grab openings for proactive selling.

Ultimately, MAP policy is way too essential to your brand for your employees to try managing this massive responsibility internally. Think about it; you already control technology to improve your items, optimize your supply chain and communicate with your resellers and consumers. Wouldn’t it also be best for you to use technology to sustain your pricing strategies and protect the reputation of your brand?