The Future of Garage Doors

Orange Garage DoorWhen it comes to the impressive features of a house, the garage door might be on the bottom of the list. In their most basic structure, there is nothing advanced about garage doors. However, with constant developments made by home security companies, garage doors saw some technologically-advanced updates over the years.

While house doors usually catch people’s attention because of their beautiful features, here are some garage doors that stand out because of their functionality.

Jedi-Like Powers

Growing up with Star Wars, Australian Shanti Korporaal gained Jedi-Like powers after she had microchips implanted in her hands. The microchips then enable Korporaal to unlock her office’s garage with just a scan of the back of her hand.

The microchips implant are not commercially administered. At least not yet.

Smart Phone Remote Control

Dominator already features remote-controlled garage doors, and heavy duty duplicates are available, according to Remote Pro. The company’s Smart Phone Control Kit is an innovation that allows the user to check on garage doors and control them anywhere in the world through their smartphones.

Better Materials

Garage doors are commonly made of aluminium, steel and wood. With the development of stronger materials, homeowners can choose wider types of garage doors without compromising their home’s safety. Garage doors made mostly of frosted glass, for example, lets more natural lighting in a garage.

Laser-Guided Technology

This kind of innovation makes parking in your garage easier. Laser-guided parking devices use a part of your garage door opener and your car. It can detect if you are too close to the front of our garage or the rear of the door.

A secured garage door is an important component when it comes to ensuring the overall safety of your family. The technologically advanced garage doors that are available in the market today are making that possible.