The Plough and The Wrench: Recreation for Every Man

Even in the relatively calm and homey life in New Zealand, things can still get hectic with the daily grinding and bustle. But no matter how hectic it gets, one should always find time for recreation. To keep you productive during your downtime, and to stave off unwanted incidents, you should try a hobby. If you love taking your tools out and putting together DIY projects, then you know they are a great way to pour your effort and energy to. Building personal projects can help calm your mind, and generally lift your mood.

In the interest of making personal projects, you can venture into two paths: agriculture or industry. Now, whether you want to work the earth, or work the machine, here are some stuff you can lose yourself with.

The Earth

The dawn of agriculture changed humankind forever. No longer did man have to hunt daily for his needs, as all he needed was in the earth under his cultivation. If you feel a special bond with nature, you can pay homage to this by starting a garden. Starting a garden can give you a host of benefits including an additional food source, good exercise and stress reliever, as well as giving your house the added aesthetic. Start enriching your soil for planting, plough it and plant crops in season. With patience and effort, you will be getting your first harvest in no time.

The Machine

As human society progressed, technology caught up. It has enabled man to reach greater heights, travel further and improve his living conditions. So, if farming is not to your fancy, you can always do metalwork. There are no shortages of DIY metalwork projects. Draw out your tools from the workshop, and then pay a visit to the local scrap broker to get materials, according to Macaulay Metal Group. When you have everything you need, you can then go to work. If you have skill in welding and basic machining, you can fashion cold metal into practically anything you want: from playgrounds to fences, furniture or even home-extension builds. If you build them right, you can even sell them back said broker for profit on the side. Not bad, right?

Crafting does not take a lot to start. All you need is some inspiration. Try these projects for yourself, and enjoy the rewards.