The Proposal Plan: Go Public or Keep It Private?

Man proposing to a woman

One of the most important questions you’ll ever ask someone is, “Will you marry me?” And one of the most crucial decisions when asking that important question is, should you go public or keep it private?

There are tons of proposal trends these days, from flash mobs in Utah and elaborate pranks to hidden cameras and families lurking, but it always pays to go back to the basics. What’s your game plan for your proposal?

Private Proposals

The decision on whether to go public or private largely depends on how you see the pros and cons of each. Private proposals are easier to plan than public ones since there’s no need for grand, elaborate acts. You only need a special place, probably at a hilltop or a secluded beach, and of course, a diamond ring from one of the popular jewelers in Utah, such as AAA Jewelers.

This style suits couples who want sheer simplicity for this milestone in their relationship. No unnecessary pressure from people. No strangers documenting it and posting online. No one bothering you about the date of the wedding.

On the flip side, though, after that sweet private moment, there’s the task of breaking the news to everyone. Sometimes, since couples don’t have other people snapping pictures and videos, they need to be more creative in announcing the engagement.

Public Proposals

That’s the beauty of the other option, the public proposal. You get to express your love in a big way, telling the world how you feel. It doesn’t just remove the need to announce the news to friends formally, but it also makes your partner feel all the more loved because you’re proud of her. The problem with this option is it has a lot of logistical risks and preparations.

For instance, you have to rehearse with the flash mob for days, time the skywriting of “marry me” well (with no wrong spelling, of course), and get loved ones in one place at one time. If any of these things fail, the whole plan fails. So, the bottom line is, a good proposal plan depends on how you treat these pros and cons.

Best of Both Worlds

Now, if you remain undecided about which path to take, the best way to go is both. After having an intimate moment with your partner in a secluded garden of a restaurant, you can have a small party with your family and friends at the main dining hall. Ask someone to organize the party and have them document your special day and give speeches about your love story. For sure, your partner will not disagree to a little public celebration by then, since you two have had your moment.

Going private or public on your marriage proposal is a crucial decision. Consider it seriously before popping the big question.