This Doesn’t Have to be Messy: Keeping Your Divorce Quiet

divorceDivorce may be one of the most devastating events in the life of any family. But the reality is that divorce does happen, and it exacts the highest toll on the kids who will see their family life play out in a noisy court room for all to see. A huge percentage of all divorce cases in the U.S. do not go to court, however, as many couples choose to keep things quiet.

There is an alternative to the circus that is divorce court: mediation.  Divorce mediators from Long Island can meet with the estranged couple in a neutral location so that both parties can discuss how to divide the assets, share custody of the kids, and any other issues that are part of the divorce.  This method offers privacy and the control over all decisions rests with them and not the court.

  • Control

Probably the biggest advantage of mediation is that the divorcing couple has full control over all of the aspects of their divorce. They get to discuss in detail how to settle everything, through the help of qualified divorce mediators. All of the agreed upon details are written on the Marital Settlement Agreement. Each process should reach an agreement between the two parties and not an adversarial process, where a judge makes the decision and the lawyers argue.

  • Costs Less

Divorce is a costly process, especially if the case drags on for a long time.  Mediation gives separating couples the opportunity to decide on their own terms, minus the public exhibition and hurt pride.

  • Easier on the Kids

Divorce is, without a doubt, traumatic for children. The longer the process, the harsher the potential effects on the kids. Mediation allows you and your ex to put the needs of your kids as a priority.  You can set aside your differences for the moment in order to discuss the future of your kids in an amicable manner.  This is one of the main advantages that mediation offers.

  • You can still go to Court

When you use mediation, you do not give up your right to go to court. If you are not satisfied with the result, going to court is still an option to help decide unresolved issues.

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