Three Reasons To Install a Split System AC in Your Home

Split air conditioning systems, as their name already suggests, are air conditioners that come with two (or more) units. In a two-unit setup, you’ll typically find one of the units inside of the building, with the other sitting outside. Originally and initially used in Japan, these air conditioners have quickly gained popularity all over the world, including Australia.

There are plenty of reasons you’ll find Sydney homes with split system air conditioners from Conduct Air Conditioning. Home owners who take advantage of these cooling devices benefit from not only an attractively-designed system, improved energy-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, but other great features too, such as reverse cycle.

Design and operation

Traditional air conditioners, as you most likely know, usually take the form of large and clunky machines that don’t go well with indoor decoration. They also generate quite some noise, which can be a problem for some, especially those who have a sensitivity to sound.

You won’t have to worry about these when you opt for a split system. Since the compressor – the biggest unit – will sit outside, you’ll find it easier to blend the indoor unit into your interior decoration. You don’t have to block windows, too. The quiet operation of this type of air conditioner also makes it a perfect addition to your home.

Energy efficiency that translates to cost-effectiveness

One of the greatest attractions to split systems is that you can use them based on which room needs cooling. Unlike central air conditioners that have to cool the entire home, you can choose which rooms you want to cool, like the bedrooms at night or just the living room during the day. This paves the way for improved energy efficiency in your home, which then leads to lower utility bills.

Comes with a heater, too

And lastly, know that some models come with a heating capability so that you can enjoy warmth during Sydney’s cold and chilly winter season. In other words, you no longer need a furnace, which not only saves space but money, too.