Three Ways Fresh Graduates can Build an Online Presence

Online presence is necessary in this modern age, whether for social or career networking. The way you command that presence determines how you can leverage your goals through it.

Let’s say you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job. What are the ways to boost your online presence? Did you say LinkedIn? Nope? Why not?


It did have that boring and hard-to-use reputation, but it has been gaining more users. Most recruitment companies look at online profiles to get jobs filled. LinkedIn is no stranger to that, whether the job came from a traditional ad or through direct hiring.

Here‘s how to make a profile like a total boss in LinkedIn.

That’s one down. Are there other ways? Yeah, I heard you — database. Large job websites feature job listings and databases that recruiters like can access depending on its policies.

Job Database

What do databases and LinkedIn have in common? Recruiters are likely to send interview invitations to candidates that catch their attention, thanks primarily to their CVs.

Your CV needs to pull its weight, a writer said as a job-hunting piece of advice. It must have information broken down into chunks. Use standout keywords to highlight accomplishments. It also helps make your profile searchable. Above all, it must be updated.

Personal Brand

Don’t forget to build your personal brand. It shows what you are passionate about and how dedicated you are to it. It tests your consistency, too. If it helps to create an online portfolio, do so. Link it to your LinkedIn and database accounts, so that HR staff can look at your profile and see the proof they need.

Job database sites and career-centred sites like LinkedIn are your friends. Find time to get to know them. When it comes to personal branding, it’s all about knowing what you’ve got and polishing them.