Tips for Moving Residences over Long Distances

a moving truck

Moving to another part of the country can be an ordeal. To lessen the burden, you must find a reputable moving company capable of handling your personal belongings. One recommendation is Colonial Van Lines, with its record of providing service for more than 50 years.

Planning the Move

The first thing you have to decide on is if you want to move by yourself or make use of moving companies. Think affordability versus convenience. Considering the trouble of moving from one place to another, you would be better off with a professional moving company.

Professional movers know what to do, and they have a professional reputation to live up to. Hiring movers will be more expensive, but it will be worth it.

You can use the “one-year” rule, where you only bring with you things you have used during the past year. You can put these in plastic bags. Alternatively, if you are bringing cabinets along, you can place some of your clothes inside them.

Settling In

It takes a while before a person can get acquainted with the new house. Give yourself time. It can take up to six months for some individuals. If you have to paint a wall, you can also do that before the day you move in. Painting fills the place with fumes.

Make sure that the house is painted before moving in. The paint fumes are toxic and can be harmful to kids sleeping in the adjacent rooms.

To hasten the adjustment, you can bring in or buy houseplants. The presence of plants not only brightens up the room but also cleans the air, acting as air scrubbers of paint fumes and other volatile organic compounds, also called VOC.

Moving in to a new home is both tedious and exciting. With the right approach and attitude, it will sure be a breeze for you and your family. Good luck!