Tips on Buying Used Vehicles

There are a lot of options in acquiring used vehicles these days in Australia. You can strike a deal with private sellers. You can browse for good deals online or check out nearby car dealerships. You can even participate in car auctions collected from insolvency services.

No matter the method of acquiring, used vehicles are getting a lot of attention from Australians. They seem to get more out of the money they pay in comparison to buying new vehicles. Some even claim to get added features like bull bars or reversing cameras. But aside from the affordability and value for money, buyers also get to escape the effect of depreciation that new car owners experience.

If you’re a consumer with the same mindset and desire for owning a used car, a little research and careful inspection can go a long way. Here are some tips on how you can make a wise decision in buying a used car.

Know the car’s history

It is very important to always do a background check on the vehicle you are to purchase. To do that, contact the seller and ask all the questions you can about the vehicle. Some key questions would be:

  • Why are you selling it?
  • How long have you owned it?
  • Are you the first-hand owner?
  • Has it been damaged before?
  • What repairs did it undergo in the past five years?

Once you are able to gather some information, you can do further research on the car model or visit a car manufacturer to seek expert advice. Some car companies evaluate used cars and scrutinize them based on strict standards. It is also helpful to know about the service record of the vehicle.

Check for performance

Some used cars have a strong external appeal. They look good and shiny on the outside, have polished tyres or even a pumped-up sound system. But sadly the internal machinery utterly fails to impress customers. As such, it is crucial to determine the performance of used cars rather than appearance like checking the mileage. An engine’s lifespan can range between 200,000 to 300,00 kilometres. High milage is bad news for used cars. Older cars with low mileage are always preferred.

Remember that used cars don’t come in with a clean slate. It is important to know their history and performance. If done correctly, you’ll get the value for money and affordability that you’ve been hoping for.