Tips to Care for Your Straw Cowgirl Hat

Just as any other essential wardrobe accessory, your straw cowgirl hat needs proper care and preservation. Straws are delicate and can wear out prematurely upon mishandling.

Here are tips that you can follow to care for straw cowgirl hats.


When it comes to handling a straw cowgirl hat, you should hold it by the brim and not by its crown. Besides, you should clear excess oil, dirt, and dust from your fingertips. Dusty or oily hands can leave marks on the hat, making it dirty.


Your head is the safest place to store your hat. When the hat is not on your head, you can store the hat by putting it upside down in its original package. You can also place it upside down, or on its crown or a hat stand.

Do not store your hat with the right side on its brim. This can affect the hat’s shape, and you would need the services of a professional to reshape it. The more you wear your hat, the better it becomes. Your hat should blend well with the shape of your head.

It is not advisable to leave your hat near a strong source of heat, as this might cause the sweatband to shrink. This can affect the overall shape of the hat. Places to avoid include:

  • Inside a hot car — the temperature inside the vehicle could affect the sweatband
  • At the garage — something might fall on the hat and damage it
  • Inside a hot closet

Dealing with a wet hat

If by any chance your hat becomes wet, you should level up the dents and creases. If the brim is turned upside down, turn it up. Let the hat dry slowly with the right side up return it to its original shape once it dries up.

Like clothes, hats need care and maintenance. These tips could help you maintain your style with an ever-good looking cowgirl hat.