Top 3 Eco-friendly Roofing Materials

Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to help save the environment, and one of the best ways to do so is by using eco-friendly roofing materials. If you’re planning to work on the rooftop of your home, you might want to hire roofing contractors in Long Island, NY or elsewhere that work with these materials:

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1.  Asphalt Shingles – These are usually recycled from old asphalt shingles or asphalt found on the road. If you buy coated asphalt shingles, you also stand to earn rebate from Energy Star because such material is in line with their cool roofing standards.

2.  Slate Roofing – Slate is a natural material that’s highly durable and can last a hundred years. Many home maintenance websites like This Old House and roofing companies like George Parsons Roofing encourage the use of this material because of its life span. You’ll help minimize the instances of mining and transporting it to the market. There are manufacturers that offer recycled slate as well.

3.  Rubber Shingles – These use recycled materials from old steel-belted radial tires. Manufacturers coat it with ground slate, which is ideal for different weather conditions. It also lasts very long, which is good for your budget and helps save the environment, too.

Find a reliable roofing company in Long Island or anywhere in New York and look for these materials in the services they offer to get started on an eco-friendly roofing project.