Travelling Alone Is The Best Break You Will Ever Need

The world will never run out of places to explore. Climb a mountain in Nepal. Visit the temples of India. See the attractions of Singapore. Go castle-hopping in Scotland. Each country offers you a unique experience. And sometimes, they are best discovered alone.

Travelling solo could sound intimidating, especially if you’re going to a place where the culture is unfamiliar. But you have to be optimistic and see it as personal growth. Being alone is healthy for your inner self and for your relationship with others.

Know Yourself

When you find yourself alone in a foreign place, you have a lot of time to reflect on what you’ve been up to. Distancing from everyday life will remind you of what you have and what you don’t. You appreciate what’s back home. At the same time, you enjoy the novelty of being away from it.

Of course, solo travel is not just about reflection. You also get to test how street-smart you are when you deal with unfamiliar situations, like getting lost. Being alone builds up self-confidence too. You realise you do not have to depend on anyone or anything for happiness. You just have to trust yourself.

No Man Is an Island

Just because you’re off on your own does not mean you will not interact with anyone. Sure, you get to visit well-known sites and lovely shopping malls. But what really highlights a solo travel is meeting people from different walks of life and seeing it from their point of view.

Being in foreign ground triggers a sense of openness. You’ll meet locals and fellow tourists. Interacting with them broadens your people skills. It also encourages a cosmopolitan mindset. Travelling alone can’t replace the little things you learn from people you meet, no matter how briefly.

Do not hesitate to travel on your own. It is the best kind of therapy out there. You get to know yourself and you get to know others. The experiences and memories may just be what you’re missing.