Unique Ways to Market your Veterinary Practice

Did you know that pet owners spend billions of dollars every single year on veterinary care and pet-related services and products? Unfortunately, this is the exact reason that competition among veterinarians is stronger than ever. The only way to beat your competition and communicate to pet owners that you’re the best person to care for their pets is by implementing a solid marketing strategy. If you’re looking to work on your marketing strategy, consider these five ideas.

1. Offer Freebies or Discounts for Customer Referrals

You should reward your ever-loyal customers. When loyal customers refer someone else to your practice, give them a coupon, discounted service, or custom veterinary promotional products. Keep in mind that one of the best marketing strategies is word of mouth, so Positive Impressions, LLC suggests that you should keep your customers happy and satisfied.

2. Offer New Customers a Discounted or Free First-time Visit

Attract new customers by offering them a deal or special package on their first visit. Give them a sizeable discount, or if your finances could handle it, a free service. Once you show them how great your services are, they’ll no doubt come back to you.

3. Short Codes for Text Messaging

Many people read their text messages right after receiving them. This makes text messaging a great tool for marketing your practice. For many companies, the use of short codes has made text messaging one of their more powerful marketing tools. Short codes include shortened or abbreviated words or numbers that people could text or respond to perform a specific action. Common actions include obtaining information, donating money, and entering contests. Consider utilizing short codes for contests, donations for animal health, or deals on your services and products to encourage a repeat visit.

4. Make Infographics

Create infographics to educate customers about their pets’ eating habits, basic care, growth, etc. Infographics help people understand an idea quickly, and could include both written and visual content. Plus they help increase online engagement rates, so make sure to post your infographics on your blog or social media pages.

5. Profile your Hardworking Staff

Create profiles of your staff that reveal their inpidual accomplishments and talents. Share these on your social media and websites. When you inform customers about your staff’s skills, you reassure them that their pets are in good hands. Doing this is an easy way to create loyalty and increase customer engagement.

If you haven’t tried these marketing techniques before, now is the best time to do it. More and more veterinary practices are becoming more competitive you need to set your practice apart from everyone else’s.