Ways to Make Your Air Conditioning More Cost-Efficient

The US Department of Energy estimates that people use 43% of their household energy on heating and air conditioning. Does that ring a bell? If your energy bills have been shooting, perhaps you need not look very far for the cause. It could just be your air conditioner running riot.

Fortunately, you can cool down those costs by adopting the following air conditioning tips from the experts at Kennedy Air Conditioning.

Clean Air Filter Regularly

Although this is almost becoming a cliché, it is still ignored by some homeowners. Dirt on the air filter affects efficiency, subsequently increasing energy costs. As a rule of the thumb, clean the filter monthly and replace it after three months.

Surround Your Home with Plants

A substantial amount of heat that accumulates in your house is caused by direct sunlight, according to conservationists. If you plant trees around your home, most of this exposure will be blocked, meaning that your AC will not have to work as hard. Along the same lines, covering the AC will improve its efficiency, further lowering energy bills.

Choose the Right AC

Maybe you need to replace your current unit if you are to realize energy savings. Have it checked for various things including model, size, and energy rating. If an AC is too big, its short cycles will cost you. If it is too small, it will work too hard and cost you as well. Therefore, you may want to size your system correctly. Concerning energy rating, choose a unit with as many stars as possible.

Thermostat Settings

When you are at home, you can be as comfortable as possible. However, increase the degrees when you are away and at night. The department of energy says that such a simple routine can help you save as much as 15% of your AC bills.

The average cost of air conditioning in Arkansas is currently very high. With these tips, you can be one of the homeowners who are enjoying affordable air conditioning without too much effort.