What to Avoid When Shopping for Used Office Furniture

Used furniture can save you money. It can also be a waste of the same. This means that you should not assume that anything on sale is worth buying. If you are unsure regarding how to approach the task, asking for help always works.

Meanwhile, avoid the following mistakes when buying used furniture:

Purchasing Without a Plan

Any piece of furniture that would not be useful to you would be a waste of money irrespective of perfect it is. According to Cube Designs, if you are buying furniture because you are moving to a new office, you need to be sure that everything you buy would be perfect for the office in question. You need to take note of the furniture you have already. It would be illogical buying pieces that look like existing ones unless you need to.

Ignoring Employee Needs

Do not assume that what is comfortable for you would be comfortable for your employees. If you are buying desks, for instance, you need to understand that shorter people might need shorter desks. In case your employees prefer to work individually, buying pieces of furniture meant for collaborative workstations would be a bad decision.

Not Inspecting the Furniture for Pests

Irrespective of how professional a used furniture dealer appears, it would be a mistake buying furniture without inspecting it for pests. It is true that you can still disinfect your furniture. However, some pests such as bed bugs are extremely difficult to eradicate. Some of the warning signs of bedbugs are small black spots on furniture, bug exoskeletons, eggs, etc.

Not Trying Out Furniture Before Buying

Assuming that whatever is on sale is in excellent condition is likely to lead to frustration later. You need to sit in chairs, lean on tables, open and close drawers, etc., before money exchanges hands. If a piece is damaged, you need to be sure that it is not damaged beyond repair. If you do not have time to have anything repaired, you need pieces that are in excellent shape.

Before contacting and dealer for used office furniture in CA, it is important to list down what type of furniture you need. You should also list down the features each piece should come with. To avoid disappointment later, buy only from dependable used furniture dealers.