What to Expect When Applying for Resource Consent

Caring for environment concept

Councils play important roles in the success of your application for resource consent. The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) requires them to facilitate and ensure that residents’ activities and their effects on the environment are managed properly and sustainably.

It is the council’s job to approve or deny resource consents to people who want to commence projects that could affect the environment.

Council Plans

The RMA requires councils to produce plans that aid them in managing the surroundings. These include all kinds of conditions and rules for undertakings that could disturb the area. The plans, mainly district and regional, decide whether an action is permitted.

A district plan manages the subdivision and land use in a city, covering factors such as noise, and the height and location of buildings. The regional plan, on the other hand, covers issues affecting water, air or land, including waste water discharge and construction of jetties.

Plans serve as the rulebook whether resource consent is necessary or you can do it as of right. When the facilitating body considers the application for resource consent, it follows the procedures established in the RMA.

Council Decision

The council officers will check your application once you have submitted the required documents and paid the necessary fees. The council will notify immediately once they have approved or denied your request. In many cases, results come in within ten business days.

If your application is incomplete, the local authority may outright reject it or ask you to supply further information. You have the right to refuse to provide additional information requested by the council and ask them to proceed with the review on the basis of what you have already given.

However, bear in mind that the council is unlikely to grant a request for resource consent if there is not enough information on the possible effects of the proposal.

Applying for resource consent is not complicated. There are many resources available for all applicants, so they will know what to provide and how to succeed in their application.