What You Should Ask Home Stagers Before Hiring Them

Real estate experts believe that home staging improves the chances of selling your home faster and for a higher value, yet homeowners need to understand that they should not just hire any stager.

Sellers must get to know the person to whom they will entrust a quicker and more profitable transaction by asking several questions.

Questions and answers

Ask a home stager if they are accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association. This means that they passed an ethics exam, have business insurance and at least one year of experience. Accreditation only serves as one factor, however, since home stagers are not required to have formal training.

If you are more focused on results than credentials, inquire about the number of days that it takes them to sell a house. You should hire those who have been able to close a sale within 30 days or less. Most agents advise you to lower your price after a month of not attracting buyers. They should also be able to provide a portfolio of their recent transactions.

Personal touch

Professional assistance may be helpful, but there are simple ways that even homeowners themselves can do to improve their home. A staged house should be free from clutter, which is arguably the most important to impress buyers. A neatly kept front yard with vintage garden materials such as Italian planters will likely draw in more interested parties.

These simple steps could save you money, as staging would often require you to pay $600 per consultation. However, take note that staged properties disappear from the market almost 90% faster than non-staged homes.

Staging a house increases the chances of selling it faster and for a higher price, but it does not guarantee a sale. Competition from other sellers will be a factor, so you should temper your expectations when dealing with stagers.