What’s involved in Invisalign cost in London?

Braces Retainers and InvisalignBack in 1997, a student at Stanford University in California wished getting his teeth straightened had been as easy as wearing his mouth guard-like retainer. Thus was born Invisalign, which changed the face of tooth alignment and has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular methods of teeth straightening, with more than 4 million people opting for it to date. Invisalign differs other methods of straightening the teeth by using a series of clear aligners instead of brackets and wires. But surely such a great device is expensive? Let’s look at Invisalign cost in London.

As with most dental treatments, Invisalign cost in London varies from one accredited practitioner to the next. There are different levels of accreditation, which are awarded according to years of experience and complexity of treatments. A platinum practitioner is going to cost more than one that has only been fitting Invisalign for a year or 2. Graham Tinkler is a platinum practitioner.

It is general practice among Invisalign dentists to not charge for the first consultation. During this consultation, the dentist looks at the teeth to determine whether Invisalign is the best method to treat the presenting problem. Invisalign cannot be used to treat every alignment issue, but the more experienced practitioner can treat more severe problems. The more complex the issue, the longer it takes to straighten out the teeth and the more aligners will be needed to do so. The aligners come in a series and are worn one after the other to straighten the teeth.

The number of aligners needed will affect Invisalign cost in London, as will how many times the patient needs to go for check-ups and possible adjustments.

Another reason for the variation in Invisalign cost in London is that not all dentists provide an all-inclusive price at the outset, so it’s always important to get them to give a breakdown of what’s covered in the price. Does it include the price of retainers, for example?

Retainers are worn for about a year after completing straightening treatment while the newly made bone hardens around the teeth.