Why Future Dental Visits will Be More Delightful

Dentistry in London

UK patients rate their dental experience as ‘good’, with two in five rating it as ‘very good’. The overall satisfaction may mean dental services are improving, as people receive better care and experience convenience with booking appointments and treatments. Perhaps, even more telling about happier patients is the fact that dental practices are using advanced technology.

A ‘Quieter’ Visit

You may think teeth straightening options in the UK are already innovative. You may already have gone to a clinic in London for Invisalign treatment, and showing off your brilliant new smile. But more remarkable improvements are taking place in dentistry.

You may recall the drill on your first dental visit. You may also recall the sheer panic you felt when you heard it, sitting back in the chair.  The sound of a drill can make anyone anxious because it means something unpleasant is about the take place, i.e. pain. The unmistakable whirl of a dental drill triggers more activity in your brain, making you anxious.

Fortunately, dentists can now use alternatives to the drill. These include air abrasion, which is quieter than the drill, and lasers, which can extract diseased teeth. And King’s College London Dental Institute are in the process of perfecting the Electrically Accelerated Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER). It uses a small electric current to move minerals towards the damaged area, repairing tooth without the need for a drill.

Cutting-edge Distraction

Distraction techniques can calm your anxieties. In the past, dentists used relaxing music and sedatives. Today, dental practices have virtual reality. The technology is not only helpful during training for dental surgery, but it can also reduce your anxiety or stress during a particularly complex procedure.

Randomised studies reveal that when patients were physically immersed in different sorts of virtual scenarios, they reported less pain and anxiety.

Technology is driving convenience, accuracy and greater comfort in dentistry. With such options at your disposal, you’re bound to enjoy every visit to the dentist.