You Could be the Next Anthony Cuts

Virginia’s Anthony Elliot, popularly known as Anthony Cuts, storms up Instagram with his amazing transformation videos. If you think it’s just another make-up transformation stint, his 800,000 IG followers would beg to differ.

His videos are like magic. Armed with blushes, bronzers, and lipsticks (and some hairnets for weaves), Cuts transforms women into glamorous models within seconds. His followers go wild with videos of women coming without a trace of makeup and leaving like goddesses.

Aspiring hairstylists want to learn the secret behind Anthony’s cuts. While there’s no complicated science or magic in his creations, Anthony plays with his customers’ natural beauty and never stops perfecting his craft.

Be Creative, an institution that specializes in hairdressing and cosmetology, believes that good results stem from doses of creativity.

Anthony Cuts sees every customer as a canvas he can improve. Tapping into his creative side results in jaw-dropping transformations, which you can do too.

Creativity shouldn’t be boxed with extravagant looks. A simple bob cut requires professional insight. Sometimes, you notice little details that, in your opinion, need a little clip or tuck. Helping someone find the perfect look becomes less of a challenge when you think outside the box.

The Learning Never Stops

You perfected the basic skills, but that doesn’t mean you should stop the research. Despite his amazing talent, Anthony Cuts doesn’t settle with what he already knows. He learns more to improve his skill of transforming women into supermodels.

Inspiration and information are all around you. Take every experience as an opportunity and learn everything you can. By looking around, you might pick up photos or styles you can incorporate with your skills.

Listen Well… Always

No matter how creative or advanced you are, if you’re not big on listening, customers won’t be happy. Customers leave salons happy when they receive the look they’ve always wanted. To understand their needs, learn to listen carefully.

Anthony Cuts continues to astound the world with his beautiful masterpieces. You too can make your way to the top. Just learn, learn, and learn.